10/1,000,000 reasons my mom is my hero..

Typically I share stories of my journey in ministry, but with it being the night before Mothers Day I felt inspired to just share with anyone who reads 10 reasons my mom is my hero!  My prayer is everyone who reads this can name a million & 10 reasons their mom is their hero too..

10.) My mom always has my back. 

I will never forget the moments I had boyfriends make me feel ugly, friends make me feel small, & even family make me feel stupid, my mom was always reminding me how wrong they all were.  She never hesitates to remind me of the woman God wants me to remember I am.

9.) My mom never went 50%.

I don’t even think my mom knows how to do something halfway.  From (like 7, seriously) surprise birthday parties, to Easter baskets, to celebrating good grades or a sports win my mom NEVER did anything but went 100%.  

8.) My mom enthusiastically played “Taxi Driver”.

I can’t even begin to name the activities I was involved in since the age of 11, but the list was insanely long and my mom drove me with zero complaints (we’ll mostly 0).  

7.) My mom doesn’t forget.

I am 25 years old and I can’t ever remember my mom forgetting anything, ever.  She never forgot a sports game, a uniform that needed washed, or a rehearsal I needed to be at.. She remembered it all, talk about a superhero.

6.) My mom celebrates every moment.

My mom has taught me that every moment deserves a celebration.  She celebrated grade cards, sports game wins, prom and homecoming dates, new jobs, new dreams, graduations, weight loss, and everything in between.  One time I was traveling (at age 24) for a Pastor conference and she actually gave me a “gift basket” for my 3 day trip that actually came with a “have fun” card.  Yes, my mom celebrates every single moment.

5.) My mom never just said “yes”..

It may seem weird to hear, “my mom is my hero because she never just said yes”, but truly it is one of my favorite things about her.  She would never just agree to my questions without a conversation.  She ALWAYS needed additional information, details, and of course a blood sample of the friend of which I would be staying at.  My mom never made it easy for me to be “out of her hair”.

4.) My mom always picks up the phone.

“Mom, I need you to pick me up from school I am sick”

“Mom, I forgot lunch money please come bring me some”

“Mom, I forgot my house key”

“Mom, I have no money and I need gas”

“Mom, we broke up”

“Mom, we’re getting married”

“Mom, I can’t have kids”

“Mom… I just need you”

… No matter what, I’ve never had to leave her a voicemail because she always picks up the phone.

#3.) My mom knows the “lump”..

Do you ever have stuff going on that is really getting you down and you’ve got that weird lump in your throat and you want to cry, but your holding it in because your too busy to talk about it or cry about it?  My mom can hear that lump from miles away, every…single…time.

#2.) My mom supports everything I do, literally everything.

My mom may have had moments where she thought I was crazy, but she never told me that’s how she felt.  From wanting to be a superstar, then a lawyer, then a teacher, then drop out of college to be in business, to Herbalife, to being a full time Pastor my mom has supported each and every dream.  My mom has not only always been my #1 fan, but she has always told me “if anyone can do it, you can”.

#1.) My mom has my heart.

The #1 reason my mom is my hero is because nothing (aside from God) has a larger space in my heart than her.  In almost every moment of my life (big, bad, small, fun, dumb, etc) the first person I want to call is my mom.  When people ask who my best friend is the first name I think of is hers.  When I think of someone I would die without, it’s my mom.  My mom is just angel.  There is no way to explain her except that she is the most incredible, selfless, beautiful, inspiring, and supportive woman I have ever had the incredible honor of being loved by.  The #1 reason my mom is my hero is because throughout the many years of fighting and parenting she has somehow found a place so huge in my heart I can’t describe it with words.. 

  • I love you mom, with all of my heart.