A goodbye letter to my teenage students..

If you have a child this message will make sense to you.  If you know a child this message will make sense to you.  If you love a child this message will make sense to you. If you ARE a child (practically adult, I know) this message will be maybe not so typical for you.

Dear teenagers that I love,

#1.) You are so much more beautiful than you realize.  Understand that we aren’t created to be perfect, we are created to do God’s work and when you build great friendships and develop a great support system you won’t doubt how amazing you are. You will truly know that you are beautiful in the deepest place of your heart when you find yourself developing a deeper relationship with Christ.  

#2.) Only God can determine your worth and he thought you were worth sending his son to die for.  Quit letting boys determine your worth, or E!, or Instagram filters, or a good snapchat angle.  Please understand that no man or anyone for that matter can ever explain to you how much you are truly worth.  Once you realize God sent his one and only son to die for YOU, only then will you realize how worth it you really are.

#3.) Quit putting friends and boys first.. But if you do, don’t forget to love the people who love you most. It’s so natural to want to put the people who “get you” first, but I want to remind you to please love and honor your parents.  I totally know sometimes it’s so hard BUT they love you, in a go to bed at 8pm kind of way.  Even though we want boys to hold us and friends to laugh with us our parents are truly the people God sent to love us unconditionally without question.. So, don’t forget to love them back even when life sucks.

#4.) Think about the mission.  It’s okay to laugh, try new things, meet new people, dress crazy, and love food passionately BUT don’t forget that past middle school and high school there is a world that won’t care about you, but God always will.  There is a world that will beat you up, but God always has the ice pack and heating pad.  Don’t forget that once this crazy ride called school is over there is a bigger mission.  One of my biggest regrets in HS is that I spent more time bullying and gossiping then I did loving and forgiving and imagine the students I could have gotten to see Christ if I had just BEEN an EXAMPLE of Christ.  So, don’t forget that even though I’m not there to remind you, think about the mission, Christs mission.

#5.) Be You.  I remember thinking I had to try alcohol and stuff because everyone else was.  I remember thinking “of course I have to share this meme about drugs because I need to be accepted by this group of friends”.. But it wasn’t me.  I did things, & said things just because I wanted to be liked by certain groups of people.  I know that’s normal, but trust me when I say what God created you for was to be exactly You.  He doesn’t want you to be like that boy or your friends he wants the heart you have deep inside to be the one you show the world.  Be you.

#6.) Pray.  I know you feel like no one hears you.. I know you feel like it’s so hard to focus.. I know sometimes you feel like it won’t do anything, but please pray.  Truly, I tell you God promised in His word that He hears your prayers.  Don’t ever miss a moment to tell the creator of the universe thank you for what you have and don’t ever be afraid to share your heart (broken or not) with Him.. He created it anyways.

#7.) This is the last and most important thing I’ll leave you with.. Love. Love God and love the world.  I am convinced high school is meant to test us.  It is meant to be a test if we can stay true to ourselves, love our God, and love others even when they gossip behind our backs.  I know she sent that nasty snapchat, I know she totally didn’t tag you in that Instagram group photo, and I know you totally hate her guts right now BUT love anyways.  God loves you and you’ve definitely screwed up right?  So, love that mean girl anyways.  Love when God doesn’t always give you what you prayed for.  Love even when it’s the hardest thing you’ve had to do, I promise, God says it will be worth it on that judgement day when we see him again. 


I love you. I love you so much.  Thank you for letting me teach you about God.  Thank you for forgiving me when I missed your cheerleading or your track meets.  Thank you for coming to YG even when you wanted to sleep.  Thank you for loving me unconditionally.  Thank you for always saying “I love you” back.  Thank you for trusting my ministry in Dundee and thank you for opening up your hearts to me.  I am moving on to the next chapter I know God wants me to write, but while I am leaving I am always going to be here for you.  Don’t ever forget that it’s never been about me, it’s always been about Jesus and I have complete confidence you will all discover yourselves in Him in due time.  I love you with every beat of my heart.


Chelsea MacAdam 

Dundee Community Church of the Nazarene Youth Pastor ❤️