Two years, eternity to go.. ❤️

“Um excuse me do I know you?” – Chelsea Rogers

“oh, sorry I thought you were someone else.” – Tyler MacAdam

  Two Facebook messages that would change two lives forever.  Rewind five years ago.. It was a day in December right around Christmas and I had received a Facebook message from a guy I didn’t know and that led to the happiest fairy tale any girl could dream of.  He said he added the wrong person, but God knew that was entirely not true.  

  A Facebook message turned into 1 date.. 1 date turned into 5 dates.. And 5 dates turned into a relationship.  That relationship lasted 8 months before we decided we wanted to run to the alter and get married!  However, after much consideration we got engaged then waited a few years before actually having our wedding.  Two years ago we stood at The Little White Chapel in Las Vegas and got married.  BUT let’s back up.  We got the Vegas for a huge Herbalife (our company) event & decided 3 days before to get married.  You see, we had always talked about getting married in Vegas but were worried about our families making the drive.  Finally, we decided we were so ready and it was our time & we were going to do it!  My beautiful mom took me to get a wedding dress, I packed it in my suitcase, and before 24 hours had came we were flying to Vegas.

  I remember unpacking.. Hanging my wedding dress in the closet.. Unpacking my wedding shoes.. I remember the anxiety.. What if I don’t look perfect enough?  What if the shoes aren’t right? What if I get something on my dress?  What if there is something in my teeth?  Maybe I was just so scared he would realize the crazy girl he was marrying and run.. LOL!  Really though, I was so nervous.  Then, the day came .. & went .. Just like that it was gone.

  The first year was the hardest.  We fought all the time, & threatened divorce constantly.. Until we found God.  About 3 months into our marriage we accepted God as our savior & got baptized only 4 months after that and our marriage changed like night and day.  We were saved & so was our marriage.  With God in the center we moved forward.. Then we experienced 

“The firsts”..

  The first time we opened a business.. The first time we went to church together.. The first time we decided ministry was a call on my life & we were taking that call.. The first time we decided kids were something we wanted.. The first time we found out it wasn’t as easy as they say.. The first time we moved.. And the 3 times after that.. The first time we experienced loss in our families, together.. The first time we opened a second business together.. The first time we hit rock bottom.. The first time we truly made it.. The first time we realized we had the most beautiful, happy, incredible marriage in the world with God right in the center.. Yes, that was a first too!

The last year has brought so many “firsts” for us as husband and wife and every single day it feels so new. Every day that I wake up, roll over, & see him it feels like the very first day I called him my husband. I can’t find the words I need to thank God for this beautiful gift, but I just wanted the world to know there is someone God created JUST for YOU. There is someone out there just waiting to help you achieve your wildest dreams.  I promise you, there is a man for you who will blow your mind every single day.

Thank you Tyler MacAdam, for asking me to be your wife and for saying “I Do” at that small chapel in Vegas.  Thank you for every memory we’ve created since that day, two years ago that seem like yesterday ❤️ I love you. Happy two year anniversary. 

“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” Mark 10:9


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